The real story is why hasn't Bob Levy, the Director of Communications for the City of Atlantic City gotten the taxpayers a better deal on cellular minutes?
Additionally, it is so obvious that the story is a planted, setup story ... The goal was to find all kinds of Langford cabinet people abusing cell phones ...
However, the reality is that Council blabbers Marty Small and Craig Callaway are two of the biggest cell phone abusers ... NOT LANGFORD ... Which of course spoils the whole point of the phony article ...
We guarantee you that had Mayor Langford, his Chief of Staff and various cabinet members been the abusers ... Callaway would already be introduciong legislation to ban cell phones ... Callaway would also make numerous statements as to how Langford is wasting taxpayers dollars ... However, since he is one of the biggest abusers ... we'll hear nothing about this ever, again
The Atlantic City Press Writer, Derek Harper left out a very positive issue ... we believe on purpose ... since we've confirmed that Harper is aware of the fact that Deputy Police Chief Will Glass actually (personally) reimburses the City an average of $ 300 every two months ... Why would Harper leave this out of the story?
Why didn't Harper make a bigger deal out of Callaway and Small?
Why didn't Harper report on Levy failing to secure a better cellular phone "minutes" plan?
Fair questions ... However, they don't fit the current politically corrupt agenda ...

February 9, 2005         (