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Contact: C. Robert McDevitt, 609 344-5400, ext. 135

Atlantic City Group to Form
New Democratic Club

Atlantic City . . . A group of Atlantic City and County residents, including six  members of the current Atlantic City Council, is in the process of forming  a new organization that will represent and support candidates for public office.
     Members of the new group include Atlantic City Councilmen, Timothy Mancuso, Dennis Mason,  Eugene Robinson, H. Bruce Ward, George Tibbitt and Atlantic City Council President, William “Speedy’ Marsh. Other members of the group include attorney, Damon G. Tyner and C. Robert McDevitt, President of UNITE HERE Local 54, the Atlantic  City hotel employees union.
     “We are at a critical crossroad in Atlantic City’s future,’” says council president Marsh. “The purpose of this group is to unite the Democratic voters of Atlantic City who are concerned about responsive government. We are not out to replace the existing administration but to demonstrate an atmosphere of government stability to those businesses and investors who are interested in doing business in Atlantic City, over the long term.”
     The group held its initial official meeting on Monday, January 29 at the Local 54 headquarters in Atlantic City. In addition to the five councilmen and an aide to Councilman Robinson, approximately 50 residents from all six Wards in Atlantic City were in attendance to obtain additional information on the group and its objectives. C. Robert McDevitt, Local 54 President and a resident of the First Ward commented on the makeup of the attendance. “In the very recent past, we have often found ourselves on different sides of issues. The dire situation that exists in the city’s government and the image of Atlantic City’s government, has brought us together to bring about  effective change, and to create an honest, stable and responsive government for the residents and businesses of Atlantic City.”
     This initial meeting involved the placement of contact/spokes persons from each city ward. It was noted that the city’s School Board election was the next citywide election on the agenda and that candidates for the board positions would be invited to speak to the group for possible endorsement.
     The group then agreed that the establishment and adoption of by-laws and election of officers would be acted on at the next meeting, scheduled for Monday, February 4, also at the union hall. School Board candidates would be asked to appear at that meeting and absentee ballot training would also begin.
     “It’s my concern that the ‘silent majority’ can be silent no longer,” said Dajaneba Blackwell, a union shop steward and the contact/spokesperson from the city’s Second Ward.

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