Additional information obtained this morning May 8, 2006
When Jim Carroll Was contacted, Friday May 5, 2006, by Irma Curry, Pleasantville Municipal Chair she was told the reason he put all the incumbents off "the line" was that  Pleasantville Democrats didn't support him. He said Nelson Geralds, 2nd ward council candidate, who replace Kenneth Prescott, had confronted him on the issue about the exclusion of the Sergeant of Arms from all Democrat County Executive  Board  activities.  He went further to say Joe Yeoman, local 331 president president of the Pleasantville Club and incumbent municipal county chair member, had threatened to work to withhold support for the labor unions, to which he added he not received a dime from any union.
Additionally, Mayor Ralph Peterson put in numerous calls, anticipating Hanky Panky, to Jim Carroll the Democratic County Chairman and left messages requesting his response. The Atlantic County Democratic Chairman has never yet responded to the honest unsullied, 14 year Democrat mayor of Pleasantville.   Who is not supporting who?